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Party Rules for a Party that RULES!

Are you planing to host an upcoming party for your child? Check out our favorite RULES that we follow at our studio to ensure the smoothest party experience ever! Tips and tricks to make sure your next party totally RULES!

When it comes to putting together a party for your children at your home or venue, there are some basic rules that we swear by at the Let's Party Events studio to ensure everyone has a great time! Our goal: to create a party where the children are engaged from start to finish – and you can maintain order!

Rule 1: Creating the BUILD UP In You Party Agenda

We always recommend planning your party agenda to maximize the BUILD UP! Start with low-key activities like coloring, crafting, and snacking. Anything that involves sitting is considered low-key (once the kids have sugar in their system, don't expect them to stay still or cooperative for long). Low-key activities should occupy the first half hour of your party or so, to allow your guests plenty of time to arrive.

Gradually build up to the most exciting and fast-paced events like games, piñatas, services like face painting or balloon art. We recommend having food available throughout your party so guests can help themselves, but never underestimate the excitement of a pizza delivery in the middle of your party! Make sure you have a designated activity for in-between pizza or the main food course and the cake presentation so the kids can get excited and eat at their own pace.

The best part of the birthday party should be the cake presentation. We recommend having a clear seating area for the children separate from the adults so that the kids can socialize and the mess is contained to one area. For cake presentation, make sure you have your candles and matches/lighter ready to go! Make the area as dark as possible and be organized when you sing! Maybe ask a friend or family member to tape the cake presentation for a lasting memory.

Rule 2: Time Your Party

Pro-Tip: Two-hour events work best for almost any age. Your guests will appreciate a timely party where you keep good pace. Remember, if you are not serving food make sure your party time does not cut into your guests' meal time. Keeping your guests entertained for 120 minutes may seem like a daunting task, but you can totally do it! We recommend having a seating area available for parents with easy access to food/drinks, several small activities and games for the kids, and an opportunity for free-play! Don't worry, free-play can be organized! Set aside simple toys like hula hoops and soccer balls for everyone to take turns enjoying. After two hours, the children are getting restless and it’s probably time to wrap up.

Rule 3: The Present Presentation

This is a rule we always stay true to: if you are hosting a party where your child is receiving gifts, it’s best to unwrap them at home or after the party when all your guests have gone. Avoid the pressure of making sure everyone's gift is being received with equal gusto, that way your guests aren't left wondering "Did I buy the right size? Is the person going to like my gift? Did I buy enough? Is my gift better than or just as good as everyone else's’?”

Plus, you can take the time that otherwise would be dedicated to unwrapping and dedicate it to fun group activities that all the kids will love!

Rule 4: Saying Thank You

Thank You Cards are so very sweet – yet incredibly time consuming and (let’s face it) just one more added responsibility for you. After you have planned, paid for, hosted AND cleaned up the party, believe it or not, you do not have to craft cards. Take care of this task AT THE END OF THE PARTY. Thank each guest with a treat that has a note thanking them for their time and generosity. Better still – if you have the ability to take pictures and print them out prior to guests leaving the party – these keepsakes are a wonderful way to offer appreciation and remind your guests of what a good time was had at your party.

Rule 5: Essential Elements

Music! All parties MUST have music! It is a great way to set the mood and keep the energy and excitement up throughout the party! Connect to a portable speaker or even through your TV (if indoors) and play some age-appropriate, up-beat music. One mistake we see at many parties is a music playlist that is only a couple themed songs. Make sure your playlists include fun, modern music in addition to your themed music. If you are looking for a generic, child-appropriate party playlist check out our "PUBLIC PARTY PLAYLIST" on the Let's Party Events Spotify account (you can access on Spotify by searching Let's Party Events). This playlist is a gender-neutral mix of our favorite party music and is great for all event types. You can even use the song list to add to your personalized playlist!

Another essential element is the decor! Contrary to what you may think, party decorations don't have to cost you a fortune. Invest in generic birthday decorations (blue is especially versatile) that you can save and reuse every year. This way, you only have to buy a couple (often more-expensive) themed decorations and you can still have a fully decked out party venue! Remember, the dollar store is truly the best place for disposable party supplies!

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