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Hey guys, I'm Cali! Connie told me I had to fill this in so here's some facts:

1. I've been working for LPE since 2014, which is actually insane

2. I recently graduated from Towson U with a degree in Deaf Studies

3. I have played 13 characters since starting, my favorites being Rapunzel, Ariel, Maleficent, Bellatrix, and Pikachu.

4. I am super artistic and have my own art business (hmu if you want your ukulele painted)

5. I have two amazing dogs that I will show pictures of periodically because they're the cutest.

6. I over-quote vines and tell awful dad jokes and disney puns

BONUS FACT: sloths are the greatest creatures (other than dogs) to ever exist

also here's pictures of my dogs

Caliope Yiannos

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