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Our Team

Here at Let's Party Events we are proud of our diverse, compassionate, and extremely talented Cast Members! They bring our characters to life, create memorable moments for all, and represent our company with integrity. We cannot thank our wonderful cast enough for all their hard work and dedication.

Our staff receives intensive training to ensure a magical experience. They also participate in sensitivity training in which they learn to interact with different populations of children- including those with special needs. 

Apply Today

Thank you for your interest in LPE! A representative from our company will be in touch with you within 48 hours to potentially schedule an interview. Please note that we typically host Casting Calls 4 times a year.

 The Cast Member Experience

Go behind the scenes with Miss Megan and some fellow Cast Members as they get ready for an event at the Let's Party Events studio!

We asked our Cast Members: 

What is the

best part

about working with Let's Party Events?

Check out their answers here!


1. How often would I be working as a Cast Member?

All positions at LPE are part-time. Since we cannot always predict our incoming events or clients' requests, CMs are booked on an "as-needed" basis. As with many businesses in shore towns, we are much busier in the summer season as we partner with many local municipalities and businesses. Event times can range from 40 minute visits to all-day festivals. 

2. How much do you get paid to work at Let's Party Events?

We do not discuss the specifics of compensation until after your interview and if you come on board and join our team. We do pay well, but we demand excellence of our Cast Members. 

3. Do I need to provide my own costumes?

Absolutely not! We have crafted over 100 costumes specifically designed and enhanced to meet our standards. You are not responsible for your own costuming. It is important to us that each CM wears our costumes with integrity, so that no matter who works the event, our clients receive equal quality. However, we do not provide under garments and personal items. 

4. What is the training period like once I start?

Training is a cornerstone of our Cast Member experience- all Cast Members regardless of how long they have been with the company attend routine trainings. We all make efforts to constantly better ourselves and our services! We offer group trainings based on skill level, one-on-one trainings, and open workshops. Training is an unpaid venture, however the skills you acquire through these trainings are invaluable. 

5. What opportunities are available to me as a Cast Member?

We have watched our Cast Members grow and flourish as they acquire new skills and put themselves to the test at events! While many of our events are private parties, a growing sector of our work is for corporate and municipal clients. Therefore, we offer professional performance experiences for anyone interested in honing their skills, building their confidence, and being a part of something FUN! Our CMs have had amazing opportunities- performing in parades, going live on the radio, performing for crowds of thousands at Boardwalk Hall, attending national conventions, and more!

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